Soon I Will Be Done – Learning Tracks (2nd Round 2015)


Learning tracks for “Soon I Will Be Done” can be accessed or downloaded here. They include the entire song with the selected part highlighted. These tracks will not be used in the audition.

“Soon I Will Be Done” arr. Stacey V. Gibbs for double SATB choir; a cappella; pub. Gentry Publications.

  • S1, A1, T1, B1 will sing choir 1 part
  • S2, A2, T2, B2 will sing choir 2 part
  • Audition cut will start at m. 10 and go through end; no repeats; 2nd endings only; ignore solo part for audition


Soprano 1


Soprano 2


Alto 1


Alto 2


Tenor 1


Tenor 2


Bass 1


Bass 2


Choir 1 (Soprano 1, Alto 1, Tenor 1, Bass 1)


Choir 2 (Soprano 2, Alto 2, Tenor 2, Bass 2)


All Parts