Soon I Will Be Done – Audition Cuts (2015 2nd Round)


Audition cuts for “Soon I Will Be Done” can be accessed or downloaded here. After pitches are given, the tracks begin in measure 10 and exclude the part that is auditioning. These are the files that will be used in the 2nd round auditions.

“Soon I Will Be Done” arr. Stacey V. Gibbs for double SATB choir; a cappella; pub. Gentry Publications.


Soprano 1


Soprano 2


Alto 1


Alto 2


Tenor 1


Tenor 2


Bass 1


Bass 2


Choir 1 Parts (Soprano 1, Alto 1, Tenor 1, Bass 1)


Choir 2 Parts (Soprano 2, Alto 2, Tenor 2, Bass 2)


All Parts