Proposed Amendments to Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Posted for Member Review

LMEA members will vote in the Spring of 2016 on proposed amendments to the LMEA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  These proposed amendments have been approved in consecutive meetings by the LMEA Board of Directors.  A two-thirds vote of LMEA voting members will be needed for final approval.

On-line voting procedures will be clarified on the LMEA Website during the month of February (2016).

The proposed amendments have been posted to the LMEA Website. To review these proposed changes start on the homepage (  Then click on “Resources” from the top menu.  Then click on LMEA Handbook.  Then click on:

  1. The Addendum containing proposed changes (for a condensed version).
  2. Amended LMEA Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (for a full version).