Students in Tri-M Honor Society

Tri-M Music Honor Society is the only national honor society for student musicians in grades 6-12.

Tri-M Chapters:

  • Recognize the outstanding music students in your school and the importance of music education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Are student-led and offer members the opportunity to connect with music students across performing arts disciplines.
  • Highlight your music program and make an impact in your community through public performances and service projects.
  • Motivate students to take on leadership roles within the chapter and develop key skills for future success.

Bluff Middle School volunteers for the Arts night at their local primary school. They worked the rooms and facilitated various arts/crafts with parents & students
Benton Intermediate School sponsored a Valentine’s stuffed animal drive for Children’s Hospital
Benton Intermediate School participated in the Field of Dreams Park Cleanup
Benton Intermediate School – Adopt a 5th Grader
Covington High School’s Tri-M Induction Ceremony
St. Mary’s Dominican Tri-M students at their Beginning of the Year Club Information Day
St. Mary’s Dominican students perform with other New Orleans area students at the Right to Life Gala. They also helped escort guests to their tables.
Folsom Jr. High students spread some holiday cheer by performing carols at the St. Tammany Holiday of Lights
St. Mary’s Dominican Tri-M students went Christmas caroling at the Inter-Continental Hotel
Bluff Middle School Tri-M made 250 Christmas goodie bags for area nursing homes
St. Mary’s Dominican hold a bake sale fundraiser
St. Mary’s Dominican students performing for their school at Domini-Jazz Fest
St. Mary’s Dominican students and faculty are enjoying Tri-M’s Domini-Jazz Fest
Covington High Tri-M students work with choir students from their jr. high feeder schools on free lesson day
Covington High attends an LPO rehearsal
Covington High Tri-M attended Tigerama
Covington High Tri-M band students work with students from their feeder schools on free lesson day


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Chapter Setup Page
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