2020 Virtual Conference – General Information

2020 Virtual Conference Slider

Dates: November 20-22, 2020

Due to restrictions related to teacher release time for professional development and complicated school district calendars this year,  all clinics, concerts, and virtual vendor visits will begin on Friday evening, November 20 and continue through Sunday evening, November 22.

Conference Schedule

The tentative Conference Schedule for the 2020 LMEA Virtual Conference is posted. It will be updated as needed. In addition to our outstanding Louisiana presenters, check out the many national names and read a description of their sessions!

Multiple Clinics Choices Each Hour

Also, due to the virtual setting, clinics will be able to be scheduled concurrently. Attendees can choose to attend any division’s clinics. If two are scheduled simultaneously, there will be options for those registered to view a recorded version at another time.

Bios and Pictures of Presenters will be available in The Louisiana Musician, November issue.

Featured Concerts

  • State Virtual Student Solo Recital
  • US Army Band “Swamp “Romp,” led by former Louisiana All-State band member, Graham Breedlove
  • Navy Sea Chanters
  • The President’s Own United States Marine Band

2020 Virtual Exhibitors

Membership Meetings

  • General Membership
  • All Divisions
  • Associate Organizations
  • Advocacy
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

All-State Events

All events (auditions, rehearsals, and concerts) have been postponed to spring, 2021 with the hope that current restrictions and safety concerns will be lifted.

March 26-28, 2021 – All-State Bands
March 27-29, 2021 – All-State Choirs, Jazz Ensemble, and Orchestra

2020 Conference Registration

To register at the member price, you will need to login.

Links to Virtual Conference

This year’s conference can be accessed on all mobile devices and computers. Links to the Conference Sessions will be emailed to everyone who has registered approximately one week before the conference.

College/University Exhibitors

Exhibits will be set up in the Atrium during the All-State events in March. Information will be available to All-State members and their parents throughout the conference.

There are also virtual exhibit options for colleges and universities during the Virtual Conference.

Commercial Exhibitors

Commercial exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of the virtual options LMEA is offering for the Virtual Professional Development Conference. Members are encouraged to visit their links and take advantage of discounts and other “perks” being offered. For additional information, click commercial exhibitors for more information.

2020 Virtual Exhibit times:
A tentative schedule is now available. Vendors will be available at multiple times during the conference.

Awards normally presented at conference will be presented at the All-State (2020-21).

Four awards are presented each year at the Annual Professional Development Conference. If you would like to nominate someone, you must be an active member of LMEA and must complete the application process by the deadline. Click links for additional information. For 2020-21, these presentations will have to be re-envisioned. Additional information will be available soon.

  • LMEA Hall of FameThis award honors LMEA members, active, retired, or deceased, who have made a significant contribution to music education, LMEA, and are regarded as professional leaders in music education in Louisiana. Nominations for the Hall of Fame must be submitted to the Hall of Fame Committee by May 1, 2020.
  • Outstanding Young Music Educator.   One or more young music educators will be honored with this award. They must have completed at least one, but not more than five years of teaching, and meet the other criteria outlined in the nomination process. All nominations, including all required attachments, must be received by September 1, 2020.
  • 25 Year Service PinDirectors who have been active LMEA members for 25 years can choose to have an LMEA 25 Year Pin presented to them either before the All-State Band Concert or the All-State Choir Concert. You must complete the online 25 Year Pin Form by November 15, 2020.
  • Outstanding Administrator.  An outstanding school principal, assistant principal, superintendent, and/or assistant/associate superintendent who has demonstrated a commitment to high-quality arts education will be honored. The deadline for nominating someone is May 1, 2020.

Submitting a proposal to present a session:

The deadline for submitting a proposal to present a session at the 2020 LMEA Professional Development Conference is June 10, 2020.

Information about submitting a conference session proposal.

Online form for presenting a conference session

Collegiate Call for Research

Graduate students, music educators, and other who have completed relative research are invited to submit a proposal to be included in the Research Poster Session at the LMEA Conference. The submission process must be completed (time-stamped) by midnight September 11, 2020.