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So many of us have been forced to rethink our curriculum, teaching strategies, classroom management, and lesson plans this year due to the unprecedented circumstances we are facing. You may have an idea that will help someone else. Please share it with us – we plan to share as many as possible in an article, “This Works For Me!” in our October Louisiana Musician. We also plan to add a section on our website for more of your ideas.

Personal information: LMEA will share your name, school, and city in our article and on the website. We will NEVER share your email or phone number.

Submit by October 15, 2020 to be included in The Louisiana Musician.

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  • Please give us enough detail or description so that someone else can use or adapt your idea. Because we intend to share these ideas with others through The Louisiana Musician, LMEA reserves the right to edit for length and spelling/grammar to comply with publication requirements.
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  • If technology was a challenge for some of your students and you or your school developed a way to help them overcome it, we'd love for you to share your ideas.
  • If it would enhance our understanding, describe (in very general terms) your class population: urban, rural, Title 1, accelerated classes, etc. Please do not submit anything that would violate confidentiality rules. Also, please be brief in your description.
  • You may add up to six (6) photos to help explain or enhance your teaching idea.
    Please submit photos that are: good quality (300 dpi), color when possible, and either a jpeg or png.
    Note: LMEA reserves the right to edit photos to satisfy the size or formatting requirements of a specific publication. We also reserve the right to use all or some of the photos, depending on space constraints.
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    • LMEA is a nonprofit organization and wants to share your ideas, including any photos you might submit, solely as part of its "This Works For Me!" project. LMEA will not receive compensation for any part of your narrative. Likewise, we are unable to offer any royalty, fee, or other compensation to either you or your child for the usage of your narrative.
    • We appreciate your willingness to share your ideas with others, especially given the struggles some are experiencing this year. We believe our students deserve the highest-quality music education. We're stronger together!
    • By clicking submit, I am indicating that I support the use of my story and/or photos in LMEA's The Louisiana Musician and on this website.