The Benefits of Music

“Music education has powerful and undeniable effects on student learning, achievement, and lifelong success.” Explore its benefits and ability to strengthen math, language, and analytical skills, enhance fine motor skills, prepare the brain for achievement, and develop persistence, attentiveness, intuition, emotions, and creativity. (Music Matters) As defined in ESSA, music and the arts are part of a well-rounded education.

Arts Education Is Essential – a unified statement from NAfME and 52 other national arts organizations

Music Education and Social-Emotional Learning – a brochure from NAfME and the CMA Foundation

Music Matters – a brochure jointly published by the Arts Education Partnership, CMA Foundation, and the NAMM Foundation

How Children Benefit from Music Education in School – NAMM Foundation compiled lists of benefits/facts including educational, cognitive, and social benefits and also quotes and testimonials

Benefits of Learning and Playing Music for Adults – NAMM Foundation compiled lists of benefits to adults including cognitive, social, health, education, quotes and testimonials

Community Music Programs Enhance Brain Function in At-Risk Children

Brainvolts – Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University – Research on Sound and the Brain

Music – Neural Encoding of Music (Research from brainvolts) – includes an extensive list of links to research

Music and the Mind – video of presentation by Dr. Nina Kraus, Director of the Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University at Sound Health 2018 (NIH – Kennedy Center)

The Benefits of Music Education – PBS