2019 2nd Round Learning and Audition Tracks – Dolcemente Dormiva

Dolcemente Dormiva” by Claudio Monteverdi/ed. Brian Stone SSATB. This arrangement may be downloaded and copied for use at 2nd round.

Learning Tracks

The LEARNING TRACKS for “Dolcemente Dormiva” can be played or downloaded here. Students are expected to learn the entire piece, as it will be performed as part of the All-State concert.

To Download:  Right-click on the part name (for ex. Soprano 1) and select “Save Link As.” On some computers, you may need to access the audio file first by clicking on the part name, then right-click on play and select “Save Link As.”

Soprano 1 and 2 sing on separate staves (Canto and Quinto). Although there are only five parts, there will be eight separate audition rooms, one for each voice part with no combining of voice parts.

Soprano 1

Soprano 2




All Parts

Audition Tracks

Students must be prepared to sing the entire selection. If a cut is to be made for the audition, it will not be announced or added to this website until approximately one week before the audition.

Soprano 1 Audition

Soprano 2 Audition

Alto Audition

Tenor Audition

Bass Audition