2020 Virtual Conference Check-in

To access the interactive 2020 Virtual Conference REPLAY Program, check-in by completing this form. Sessions have been uploaded to LMEA’s YouTube channel and can be accessed by the links in this program.

Conference handouts can also be access once you’ve “checked-in.”



  1. How do I join a Conference Session or a Zoom meeting?
    Click on the title of the session or meeting in the Conference Program to join. We suggest you click to access a few minutes early. Also, it may be helpful to keep the program open for quicker access.
  2. Why do I need to login?
    You will be “checking in” just as you did at our live conferences. This is how we will be able to issue Professional Development certificates after the conference. Simply enter your name and email.
  3. Do I need to be on a computer?
    No. You can join from any device that has an internet connection.
  4. Do I need to download any software?
    Sessions – No. You only need an internet connection.
    Meetings – Maybe. If you have never participated in a ZOOM meeting, you may need to download the app. If this is necessary, you will be prompted to do this when you try to join the meeting. We suggest you check this ahead of time.
  5. What TIPS do you have to help me make the best connection?
    • Chrome seems to be the most stable browser for our conference platform, however all browsers will work.
    • Be sure no one in your house is gaming, streaming, or in any other way using excessive bandwidth.
    • Closing other open browser tabs, programs, or applications on your computer will also conserve bandwidth.
    • Understand the internet is just slow sometimes.
  1. Will I be able to access replays of the sessions?
    Yes. Sessions will be recorded, and registered attendees will be sent a replay program after the conference. This will probably take about a week to prepare.
  2. Will I be able to ask a question during a session?
    Yes, during live sessions and sessions where the presenters are making themselves available for a question-answer time. Type a question into the “Chat.” It will be monitored throughout the session or meeting. Presenters will indicate at the beginning of a session when questions will be answered.
  3. How can I access handouts during the conference?
    Presenters will insert links in the Chat section to allow you to download the session handouts during the session.
  4. Will I be able to access handouts after the conference?
    Yes. We will be collecting handouts during the conference and will make them available the conference. This will probably take about a week to prepare.
  5. Will there be a professional development certificate available?
    Yes. We will email participants a certificate after the conference.
  6. Do you have any TIPS for creating a best-possible ZOOM connection for meetings?
    • Using ear buds or headphones can help eliminate feedback between your speakers and your mic.
      Note: We are also setting all mics to default to “off.”
    • Try to attend the meeting in a quiet part of your house.
    • To see everyone, click “gallery view,” located in the upper right corner.
    • If you are attending from a cell phone, turning off your video sometimes helps. It’s located in the bottom left corner.
    • Make sure there are no programs or apps that use “sound” running in the background on your computer.
    • Leave and rejoin the meeting if all else fails.

Conn-Selmer Institute - Division of Education logo To aid with connectivity for presenters, our conference platform and all sessions will be monitored by IT from Conn-Selmer Division of Education. They are very experienced at solving presenters’ problems, should any occur.