2023 – 2nd Round Composite Choir Audition Tracks

These tracks must be used with all 2nd round choir auditions. They are a composite of the scale tracks, the accompaniment track for this year’s prepared piece (“O Vos Omnes” by Pablo Casals, SSAATTBB), and the sight-reading track for each voice.

Students are encouraged to practice with these tracks before 2nd round auditions to become familiar with the timings.

Note: There is approximately an extra 10 seconds of silence after the 2nd scale and before the O Vos Omnes track begins. The students should have their music ready before the audition begins, but this does allow a few seconds to arrange their music.

Soprano 1


Soprano 2


Alto 1


Alto 2


Tenor 1


Tenor 2


Bass 1


Bass 2