All-State Jazz Set II – Play Along Audition Tracks

The LMEA All State Jazz Audition Play-Along Recording is a single audition track for each instrument that guides students through the audition process.

  1. The monitor will be prompted to announce the student’s district and audition number.
  2. The student will then be prompted to play the scales on the LMEA All State Jazz SET 2 & 4 scale sheet.
    Take note of the * for each scale. Scales with an * should be swung.
  3. When prompted, the Set II Prepared Etudes will be played in this order: uptempo swing, medium swing, alternate style, and blues in Bb.
  4. The moderator will be prompted to turn over the sight-reading and at that point, the student will be given 30 seconds to look over it before being prompted to begin playing.

Tips and Suggestions:

Test and adjust the levels of the audition track before recording to be sure the judges will be able to hear the play-along track during the audition.

It is HIGHLY recommend that ALL students auditioning for the LMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble practice the audition with the LMEA All-State Jazz SET 2 Audition Track to get comfortable with the timing and play-along recordings for each prepared selection.


Each audio audition submission must be unedited and made in one single file – do not dub portions of the audition onto one audio recording. Record the audio as it would be performed in a live audition.

Save the file as an mp3.

Audition Tracks:

Winds – All-State Audition Track Set II

Piano – All-State Audition Track Set II

Guitar – All-State Audition Track Set II

Bass – All-State Audition Track Set II

Drums – All-State Audition Track Set II