All-State Jazz Set I – Play Along Audition Tracks


The LMEA All State Jazz Audition Play-Along Recording is a single audition track for each instrument that guides students through the audition process.

  1. The student will be prompted to state his/her first and last name, instrument, grade level, and high school they attend.
  2. They will then play the scales on the LMEA All State Jazz SET 1 & 3 scale sheet.
    Take note of the * for each scale. Scales with an * should be swung.
  3. Prepared Etudes are in this order: Swing, Waltz, Ballad, G blues.

Tips and Suggestions:

Test and adjust the levels of the audition track before video recording to be sure the judges will be able to hear the play-along track during the audition.

It is HIGHLY recommend that ALL students auditioning for the LMEA All-State Jazz Ensemble practice the audition with the LMEA All-State Jazz SET 1 Audition Track to get comfortable with the timing and play-along recordings for each prepared selection.


Each audition video submission must be unedited and made in one single file – do not dub portions of the audition onto one video recording. Record the video as it would be performed in a live audition.

Save the file as an mp4.

Audition Tracks:

Winds – All-State Audition Track Set I

Piano – All-State Audition Track Set I

Guitar – All-State Audition Track Set I

Bass – All-State Audition Track Set I

Drums – All-State Audition Track Set I