Joining LMEA/NAfME


A guide to help answer questions the process of joining LMEA/NAfME:



Click the “Join Now” link in the header.
Enter (or update) your information.
Click “next” at the bottom of the page.
Select your membership type.
Select from:  Active, Collegiate, Introductory, Retired, Associate, or Corporate
Choose your state affiliation.
Choose any additional periodicals, journals, subscriptions, membership options, resources, savings opportunities you are interested in. You can also make a donation to special projects you might wish to support. For descriptions, see Memberships and Features on the website.

You will be directed to your shopping cart at this point. The price will show as two different purchases – the NAfME membership type + the state affiliation membership. Remember, however, that this is a joint membership. The transaction cannot be completed without selecting both a membership type and a state affiliation.

As of 8/2018, the combined costs (national and state) of the most often selected memberships are:

  • Active Membership – $123
  • Collegiate Membership – $34
  • Retired Membership – $57