Band and Orchestra Prescribed Music Lists (PML)

Band LMEA PML for 2023-24

The PML has been uploaded as both a PDF and also as an Excel spreadsheet, which has a separate tab for each grade level.


PDF files (2023-24):

Excel file (2023-24):

  Complete List (Grades .5 – 5) Complete List (Grades .5 – 5)
  Grade .5  Grade levels are on tabs in complete list
  Grade 1  
  Grade 2  
  Grade 3  
  Grade 4  
  Grade 5  

Orchestra PML for 2023-24

Full orchestras and string orchestras will use the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List.

  • No group will be allowed to perform more than one selection by the same composer.
  • All full orchestras must play one selection for strings only. If the same string section is also entered as a string orchestra, this requirement does not apply.

Substitution to Prescribed Music Request Form

In an attempt to better serve the needs of our state’s music programs, we have updated the procedure for directors to request a substitution or addition to the prescribed music list. This is a very strict process. Click on the link for additional information on the procedure to do any of the following:

  • Add a piece to the PML
  • Remove a piece from the PML
  • Change the grade level of a current list piece
There is also a PML Addendum Request Form that a member can fill out and submit to have a piece reviewed.

Performance Time Limits (3 selections)

Time limits include entering and exiting stage.

  All Middle School Classifications
  25 minutes
  All High School  Classifications
  30 minutes
  Any high school playing a Grade 5 or higher required selection   45 minutes (if the required piece is 18 minutes or longer)

Warm-up times

Warm-up times for all ensembles will coincide with their performance time limits.


An ensemble’s rating will be lowered by 1 division rating for any violation to the above time limit which causes the assessment performance to be delayed by 10 minutes or more.