Orchestra Performance Requirements


Selecting Performance Music

  • All orchestras classified 6-12A, B, C, F, H; A, AA, AAA, AAAA must perform three selections, two of which may be chosen from any source.
  • The third or required selection must be chosen from the current Texas UIL Prescribed Music List for Orchestra, based on the ensemble’s classification:
  Classification Texas UIL Prescribed Music List
  AAAA, 11-12H Grade IV and V
  AAA, 11-12F, 9-10H  Grade III and IV
  AA, 9-10F, 9-12A or B Grade II and III
  6-8A, B, C, F, or H Grade 1 and II
  4-5A, B, C, F, or H 3 Selections from any source
  4-12G (1st year all beginners) 3 Selections from any source


  • No group will be allowed to perform more than one selection by the same composer.
  • Any orchestra not covered above must perform three selections chosen from any source.
  • All full orchestras must play one selection for strings only. If the same string section is also entered as a string orchestra, this requirement does not apply.
  • Second groups (training groups) should be so designated on the entry form (example: AAA-second group) and may choose the required selection from the classification two grades lower in the Texas UIL List.
  • Third groups may perform music classified one grade lower than the second group.
  • Substitution to Prescribed Music Request Form (beginning in the 2018-2019 School Year)

Performance Time Limits

Class 9A and below 25 minutes (3 selections)
Class B and above 30 minutes (3 selections)


Warm-up Times

  • Warm-up time for all ensembles will coincide with their performance time limits.


  • An ensemble’s rating will be lowered by 1 division rating for any violation to the above time limit which causes the assessment performance to be delayed by 10 minutes or more.