Suggested Websites Linking Music to Science and the Brain

Suggested websites that enable teachers to link music to science and learning. Google “Accidental Scientist Music Exploratorium” and “The Musical Brain.”
What is music? Students can explore the science of music through online exhibits, movies, and questions on the “Accidental Scientist Music Exploratorium” website, a site supported through the generosity of the National Science Foundation. While exploring music topics, users can compose, mix, dance, drum, experiment, and listen. Other questions users can investigate include why some songs get stuck in our heads or why some music gives us goose bumps.
Another resource to accompany a lesson about music is “The Musical Brain.” This site provides information regarding the brain’s relationship to music. Users can discover information about how damage to the brain can affect the ability to listen, perform, and translate what is heard in music. The site also includes links to various “brain songs” as well as other experiments and activities.