2015 Women’s Chorale – All-State Learning Tracks

Angie Rawls, Guest Conductor

Mike Townsend, Vocal Division Chair

You may be assigned different parts for divisi sections.  Please check your part assignments with your director.  All students are responsible for knowing their music prior to coming to the first All-State rehearsal.

Tracks can be played online or downloaded.

Women’s Chorale Track List

Eatnemen Vuelie

Treble 1 (Soprano 1)


Treble 2 (Soprano 2)


Treble 3 (Alto 1)


Treble 4 (Alto 2)


Lift Thine Eyes

Soprano 1


Soprano 2




All parts at mm=58


All parts at mm=50


Set Me As a Seal

Soprano 1


Soprano 2


Alto 1


Alto 2


All Parts


Hoj! Hura Hoj!

Soprano 1


Soprano 2


 Alto 1


Alto 2


Solo Parts






Ain’t No Grave

Soprano 1 (upper notes)


Soprano 1 (lower notes)


Soprano 2 (upper notes)


Soprano 2 (lower notes)


Alto 1 (upper notes on alto line)


Alto 2 (lower notes on alto line)


Accompaniment (includes sparse metronome)